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Toll Paying Comparision



The premid unit is charged with toll credit before driving onto a toll road.

The premid unit does not require any prepaid toll credits.

Toll is deducted directly from the prepaid amount every time the driver travels under a toll gate; the premid must always be charged before the pre-paid amount is completely spent.

Every time you travel under a toll gate, toll charges are recorded in the system and you are invoiced at the end of an agreed-upon accounting period. There is no need to recharge your premid

Transaction statements can only be obtained by the vehicle operator on request – at premid point contact centres or distribution centres upon presentation of the premid unit, or in the SelfCare section of this portal.

Based on a contract with the tolling system operator, invoices containing statements of transactions per specific premid units and per day are issued to the vehicle operator on a regular basis.

Toll charges in the prepaid system can be paid in cash or with a payment or fleet card upon presentation of the premid unit in distribution or contact centres.

[List of accepted payment and fleet cards (373 PDF)

Toll charges can be paid through an invoice or by means of direct debit from a bank account (in both cases it is necessary to have a bank guarantee approved). Bank guarantee calculator here. 

Toll charges can also be paid by means of direct debit from a fleet card account.

A deposit is required when the premid onboard unit is issued. The deposit is refunded when the undamaged premid onboard unit is returned. Unused toll credits are refunded at the same time.

Unused toll credits are refunded using the same method of payment as that which was used to charge the premid unit.

Provided that toll charges are paid through an invoice or by means of direct debit from an account (with a valid bank guarante), it is not necessary to make a deposit; the deposit is secured by a bank guarantee.
When paying with fleet cards, the deposit is made from a fleet card account. The deposit is refunded to that account upon presentation of the undamaged premid unit.

A premid unit that is not used for a long time (no transactions) gets blocked.

Under the terms and conditions in the contract between the vehicle operator and the tolling system operator, the onboard unit remains operational over the entire duration of the contract.


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