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Toll rates for buses are stated since 1. 9. 2011

Bus in the Toll System…

…is the vehicle that has been registered to carry 10 or more persons incl. the driver.

Specifically: The bus - as regarded in the toll system - is a road motor vehicle with at least 4 wheels and maximum permissible laden mass 3501 kg or more and in its registration document clearly recorded one of following statements:

  • in the field J. „Vehicle Category“ … M2 or M3 or M2G or M3G
  • in the field „Vehicle Type“ … BUS
  • in the field S. „Number of Transported Person“ … 10 incl. driver or more
    (or the sum of seats and standing person in the fields S.1 + S.2)

Toll Rates for Buses

Rates for buses are stated as follows since 1. 1. 2015:

rate per 1 km 1.38 CZK / km 1.15 CZK / km 1.04 CZK / km 0.80 CZK / km

Rates for buses for the time being do not distinguish by type of road, axle count nor weight category.

Bus Registration

The vehicle that declare matching the specifications above, should be recorded in following vehicle classes:

  • BUS 3.5-7. 5 t
  • BUS 7.5-12 t
  • BUS 12 t and more

The vehicle must be registered as the BUS; otherwise it is charged by toll rates for trucks. No refunding of the paid toll is available for a period when the vehicle (despite meeting the "bus" specification) has been registered as "truck".

Registration of new vehicles

Applicant for pre-pay OBU presents the Certificate of Vehicle Registration (usually) at a distribution point. The applicant ticks the „BUS“ checkbox on application form, fills-in all required fields and signs the form.

Authorized representative of the company concludes the post-pay contract on a Contact Point, handing-out a copy of the Certificate of Vehicle Registration (among other documents).

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