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Oversize load

Transfers of cargo exceeding maximum allowed dimensions can be realized according to  the law No. 13/1997 SB. and the notice no. 104/1997 as amended with the permission of Ministry of Transport and a Regional Authority, Department of Transport. If the situation requires clearing the road for the excessive cargo along the 1st class roads, it is necessary to contact responsible officers of Road and Motorway Directorate (RMD) with whom it is necessary to discuss in advance the conditions of the transport together with the time schedule for clearing the road for the excessive cargo under the toll gates involved. For this purpose an applicant will provide the information given below:

  • Name, Email, The telephone number of a transporter contact person who is responsible for the transport of the over measurement cargo.  
  • Date of transport
  • Brief description of the cargo (height, width)
  • Exact description of the route (together with starting and final points, scheduled departure time)
  • Scheduled arrival time
  • Compulsory data for costs invoicing connected to the clearing of the road

On the basis of the discussion, the transport conditions and its time schedule will be handled by the responsible officer for RMD. After acquiring the transport permission for the excessive cargo, the applicant will send the Road Clear Order for the excessive cargo at least 5 days before transport, together with a copy of the Resolution and the transport conditions to RMD, the section operating the electronic toll system.

contact address phone data box email
Ing. Petr Kasal nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1222/12 110 15 Praha 1 +420241084642 zjq4rhz petr.kasal@rsd.cz
Ing. Petr Vaculčík nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1222/12 110 15 Praha 1 +420241084604 zjq4rhz petr.vaculcik@rsd.cz

The costs for clearing the road for the over measurement cargo will be billed to the transporter. Approximate price for enabling a passage under one toll portal during working hours (Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) is 63.000,- CZK without VAT. Outside working hours, the price increases by 15%. The price may also differ, depending on organization and extent of excessive cargo transport.

Oversized Freight Transportations

Special toll gantries that make it possible to let through oversized transportations are installed on following segments. Detailed information table can be downloaded from here.

Road TS ID RSD ID "From-To" "From-To" GPS-y GPS-x
I/47 0440 I4708 Kroměříž Hulín 49,3157 17,4429
I/47 0441 I4709 Přerov Osek n/B-západ 49,4778 17,4541
I/47 0442 I4712 Osek n/B-východ Lipník n/B × I/35 49,5154 17,5391
I/47 0443 I4716 Lipník n/B × I/35 Hranice-západ 49,5426 17,6624
I/47 0444 I4717 Hranice-východ Bělotín 49,5736 17,7752
I/48 0445 I4801 Bělotín-východ × I/47 Nový Jičín × I/57 49,5783 17,8358
I/48 0446 I4807 Nový Jičín × I/57 Příbor × I/58 49,6115 18,0552
I/55 0448 I5506 Přerov-Horní Moštěnice Řikovice 49,3866 17,4555
I/55 0449 I5508 Řikovice Hulín 49,3526 17,4458
I/58 0450 I5801 Příbor-Skotnice Malá Strana 49,6779 18,1258
I/58 0451 I5802 Mošnov-letiště Petřvald-sever 49,7036 18,1547
I/58 0452 I5803 Petřvald-sever Krmelín 49,7251 18,1852


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